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[Mirror Frosting]

twin_star_spica's graphics community

[Mirror Frosting] a graphics community
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A JE graphics community.. NewS and HSJ centered


A mirror is a reflective surface. So, this is where I take something add a bit of me in it, and represent it as something else. Ain't that called art. ^-^
A frosting is a glazing, a coating that makes something sweet. In this way, I take things as they are, after mirror-izing is, it's ready to be frosted, and served.
That is what Mirror Frosting is about.
It's a graphics community where I can dump all my work for sharing. I'm new to this, and won't call myself an expert. It's just me twin_star_spica sharing what I love to do.
Currently, this graphics community is dealing with Johnny's Entertainment groups: NewS, KATTUN, Hey! Say! JUMP and the Juniors. But bit by bit, I will insert different things such as anime, and other stars. What's food without seasonings right. ^-^

profile credits: mirror_frosting